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About the Band

FTATR is a Richmond, VA-based tribute to the biggest and best hard rock band of all time, AC/DC!  Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, AC/DC has rocked nearly 50 years never compromising their style while selling more than 200 million albums worldwide.  Back in Black alone has sold more than 70 million copies and is currently the third best-selling album of all time!


AC/DC's frontman and focal point has always been hyperactive duck-walking schoolboy lead guitarist Angus Young, and FTATR has their own version in "Fangus Young"!  Fangus wears the school uniform, has the moves, and plays all the licks on his cherry red Gibson SG exactly like Angus.  It's the next best thing to the real deal!


AC/DC has had two amazing singers, each with their own outlaw charm and stage presence: Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.  Covering the distinctive voices of Bon and Brian is no small feat, but FTATR's "Sideshow Bon Johnson" handles it with ease.  FTATR plays all the hits and fan favorites from both eras and Sideshow makes it all sound good with a tip of the flat cap to the originals.


The secret weapon of AC/DC's powerful sound is their "tighter than two coats of paint" rhythm section.  The songs may sound easy, but playing simple parts with restraint while delivering a rock n' roll punch to the gut is not.  FTATR's "Phil Slayed" on drums, "Cliff Bar" on bass, and "Mallet Young" on rhythm guitar are highly talented musicians but lock in and play with the control required to make the songs sound "right".


AC/DC remains one of the most popular bands ever and FTATR pays tribute to them as faithfully as possible.  We deliver a fun and accurate live experience with the authentic look, sound, and songs you love!



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