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Paul Pearce as Fangus Young

Paul Pearce’s love of AC/DC started early and quickly became the soundtrack of his youth. The clarity of Angus’s playing, the power of the band, and the balls-out groove always delivers. Perfect. Timeless. That’s why so many people all over the world embrace these songs. They make you feel good and best of all – they ROCK.


Paul is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Jackson, Tennessee. He has been playing in bands for quite some time, starting in the garage hammering out Skynyrd covers to performing as a session guitarist and writer in Nashville. His performance experience includes the SEC conference party circuit, indie rock clubs from the southeast US to Manhattan and back again. More recently he has worked throughout central Virginia and Richmond as a sideman and singer for several acts. His studio experience includes session work, recording and producing several album projects.

Notable touring experience includes some legendary clubs, such as CBGBs, The Ritz, Brownies, The China Club and The Roadhouse in NYC; The Cotton Club in Atlanta; The TipTop Café in Huntsville AL; The Ace of Clubs, Exit/In, Elliston Square / The End, in Nashville; The Antenna Club in Memphis, TN; and all over Tennessee and central Virginia in lesser known places.

Recording projects include The Boilers, Jamie Kyle and Mouth Full of Bees (Nashville, 1986-1994); The Deaves, Velvet Marias, Lenny and Vexine (3 releases) (Richmond, 2004 – 2017).

As a writer, Paul is registered with BMI.

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