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Eddie Payne as Phil Slayed


Eddie was raised in the mid to late 70's in the small town of Beaverdam,Virginia and was introduced to music at an early age. Being raised on old country classics, motown and the exit of the disco era, he was well on his way to the huge catalog of music ahead. By the 1980's he discovered how his taste in music was evolving and he stumbled upon the Pop/Rock Genre. Thanks to local mainstream radio, he fell in love with the sound of rock drums and had an ear for it. As time went on he planted himself in the decade of decadence. From then on it was balls to the wall, paying attention to every detail and air drumming in his room with music blasting and the door locked with chopsticks from the local chinese restaurant as if he were playing a big rock concert at Madison Square Garden.From hair metal to hard rock, it wasn't until the mid to late 80's that he discovered AC/DC with the Back in Black Album.


Over the years, Eddie has become what some say a very solid drummer and has often been labeled as "Steady Eddie" With his own technique and simplistic approach to the kit, reproducing the style of Phil Rudd and Chris Slade only seemed natural. From the simplicity of the beats to the solidarity of the changes, that allows Eddie to play the songs "AS IS" without changing things. Eddie says, "If you're gonna do a tribute, it has to be done right!" That's what Eddie has done for FTATR.


Eddie has also been a part of several bands around the Richmond area including  the progressive metal band, Swollen and is currently in several other tribute bands such as

All Apologies - A Tribute to Nirvana,(He is a huge Dave Grohl Fan and Dave loves AC/DC too!) and Totally Random - An All 80's Tribute. Occasionally he fills in for other local bands. He has always had a great ear for music and can easily pick up the drum parts as he did when he first started playing. So if your band ever needs a fill in, call Steady Eddie!

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